List of special topics in Danish Government Borrowing and Debt


​2015 ​Market risk management in a low interest rate environment
​Credit risk management: Transition to two-way collateral agreements
​2014 On-lending and government guarantees
2013 Liquidity in Danish government securities
Implication of term premia for the central government as issuer
2012 Costs and benefits of issuing inflation-linked bonds
Sovereign credit default swaps
2011 Inflation-linked bonds
2010 Government bond auctions
Interest-rate models for Cost-at-Risk analysis
Use of swaps by the central government
2009 Management of the central government's interest-rate risk
Issuance strategy in the coming years
New market-making obligations for primary dealers
2008 The role of government debt management offices in the light of the financial crisis
Consolidated risk management by the government
2007 Government debt policy in the light of falling debt
2006 Management of the central government's interest-rate risk
Experience with falling central-government debt
Performance evaluation of government debt policy
Integration of the European government bond markets
2005 Issuance of long-term government bonds
Interest-rate models for Cost-at-Risk analysis
Government cast management
2004 Issuance of government bonds
Loan guarantees and re-lending
2003 The Treasury bill programme
MTS Denmark and the primary dealer system for Danish government securities
Re-lending to Danish Ship Finance
Interest-rate risk management - new initiatives
2002 Liquidity in the Danish government securities market
Electronic trading and market-making in Danish government bonds
Interest-rate risk management of central-government debt
2001 Consequences of budget surpluses for government debt policy
Recent trends in primary dealers systems
Interest-rate models for Cost-at-Risk
2000 Trends in government debt policies of EU member states
Coordinated management of the exchange-rate risk of the central government and Danmarks Nationalbank
Scenario analyses of the government debt
Credit risk on swap counterparties
1999 Management of the duration of the government debt
Cost-at-Risk for the domestic debt
1998 Government debt policy in an international perspective
Domestic interest-rate swaps
The credit risk on the central government's swap portfolio