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Central government borrowing strategy in the 2nd half of 2020

The target for issuance of domestic government bonds in 2020 is maintained at kr. 125 billion. The on-the-run issues will remain unchanged, and focus will be on issuance in the 2- and 10-year nominal bonds. Part of the borrowing requirement in 2020 is met by issuances of short-term papers.


The Danish government has a good starting point to finance the expenses related to Corona

The support packages passed by the Danish parliament to counter the negative economic impact from the coronavirus means that the central government is expected to increase its spending significantly and will see large but initially temporary shifts in liquidity during the summer. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to show flexibility by using the various financing sources available.


Update to the central government borrowing strategy 2020

In light of the recent initiatives taken by the Danish Government to mitigate the consequences of COVID-19, the domestic government bond issuance target for 2020 is increased from kr. 75 to 125 billion. Furthermore, the opening of the new 30-year nominal bond is brought forward to 1 April and the T-bill programme is expanded.


Opening of 0.25 per cent bullet loan 2052


Danish government borrowing and debt 2019

Denmark's central government debt amounted to 18 per cent of GDP at the end of 2019. The debt has decreased considerably since 2012, when it peaked after the financial crisis. The central government's financing requirement was met at record-low yields in 2019. The central government issued nominal bonds at an average yield to maturity of -0.33 per cent p.a. and an average maturity of 8 years. Interest costs on the central government debt totalled 0.6 per cent of GDP. In 2019, the central government purchased all the bonds issued for financing social housing. Since early 2018, the central government has purchased bonds for almost kr. 95 billion at market value.


Central government borrowing strategy 2020

The target for issuance of domestic government bonds and T-bills in 2020 is kr. 75 and kr. 30 billion, respectively. This is unchanged from 2019. Issuance will be focused in the 2- and 10-year maturity segments. A new 30-year nominal bond maturing in 2052 will be opened in the 1st half of the year.


Switch operation in 7 per cent bullet loan 2024

On 18 December 2019, the central government will offer to buy 7 per cent bullet loan 2024 against sale of 0.25 per cent bullet loan 2022, 1.75 per cent bullet loan 2025 or 0.50 per cent bullet loan 2029. Maximum (buy-back): Kr. 4,386,500,000 nominal. In continuation of the switch operation, the market making requirements of 7 per cent bullet loan 2024 are changed to best effort.