Daily publication of DESTR

DESTR overblik den 24 March 2023 / DESTR overview 24 March 2023

DESTR, pct. p.a. / DESTR, per cent p.a.2.524
Referencedato / Reference date23-03-2023
Omsætning, mio. kr. / Volume, kr. million4,446
Største banks andel af samlet omsætning, pct. / Share of volume by largest active bank, per cent72
Publikationstype / Publication typeStandard
Beregningsmetode / Calculation methodNormal
DESTR Compounded Index (opgjort pr. 24-03-2023) / DESTR Compounded Index (valuedate 24-03-2023)100.53464720

Published: 24-03-2023


As a user of DESTR, the following applies:

Danmarks Nationalbank is not responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the determination of DESTR and DESTR Compounded Index (hereinafter: "DESTR"), or for delays in updating DESTR.

Danmarks Nationalbank is thus not responsible for the use of DESTR in financial instruments, agreements, trading or other business activities or decisions, or for lack of access to use DESTR in any of the mentioned contexts.

As an intermediary of DESTR through information systems, trading platforms or websites or in any other way, the following applies:

Danmarks Nationalbank is not responsible for errors and inaccuracies in connection with the dissemination and / or publication of DESTR.

When disseminating and / or publishing, it must be clear that Danmarks Nationalbank is the administrator of DESTR and thus the source of the information for DESTR.

DESTR can be used as basic data for other information, products or services, and in such cases, it must be clear which information originates from Danmarks Nationalbank and what has been further processed by the intermediary.

It is not permitted to indicate any kind of cooperation with Danmarks Nationalbank when using DESTR in products and services to third parties.


Denmark Short Term Rate (DESTR) is a transaction based reference rate based on unsecured over-night deposit transactions with a fixed rate.  

DESTR was launched 1 April 2022 and will be published at 10:00 CET on all danish banking days.

In addition, Danmarks Nationalbank also publishes DESTR Compounded index, which can be used to calcultate the average rate for a given time period.

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