USD auctions

Danmarks Nationalbank has agreed with the Federal Reserve to temporarily establish a bilateral swap line to address the increased need for short-term liquidity in US dollar.

Danmarks Nationalbank's swap facility with the Federal Reserve amounts to a total of 30 billion dollars and is effective for at least six months. Against this background, Danmarks Nationalbank conducts auctions, where US dollar liquidity is offered to the monetary policy counterparties of Danmarks Nationalbank. Loans are provided against Nationalbanken's eligible collateral for monetary policy operations.

The minimum bid rate will be announced on the auction day at 10.00 together with Danmarks Nationalbank's other market operations.

Monetary counterparts can submit their bids in the bid form (found under documents in the right side) between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm. The auction results will be published 3.00 pm. via the news agencies and this webpage, cf. the auction terms found under documents.

The terms has been updated 6 April to reduce the add-on for fx risk when posting collateral. The updated terms and a track changes version is available under documents.


 Auction schedule

Auction date Settlement date Maturity date Term (days) Max volume, USD million Auction procedure
06-04-2020 08-04-2020 02-07-2020 85 10,000 Dutch
15-04-2020 17-04-2020 10-07-2020 84 5,000 Dutch


 Auction results
Auction date Settlement date Maturity date Term(days) Bid, USD million Allotment, USD ​million Cutoff rate, per cent p.a. Number of counterparts
06-04-2020 08-04-2020 02-07-2020 85 1,425 1,425 0.33 4
26-03-2020 30-03-2020 08-04-2020 9 25 25 0.32 1
26-03-2020 30-03-2020 19-06-2020 81 2,825 2,825 0.34 4