Danmarks Nationalbank publishes climate-related indicators which contribute to monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions in the financial sector through the sector’s investments and lending etc. In this first publication, the climate indicators cover the financial sector’s investments in listed equities and corporate bonds.

The financial sector itself does not emit many greenhouse gases, but it helps to finance economic activity in society through loans and investments, which contributes to the financing of greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change and the green transition are therefore important for the financial sector and are thus relevant to Nationalbanken's objective of ensuring stability in the financial system in Denmark. Therefore, Nationalbanken publishes climate-related indicators that can contribute to the monitoring of the green transition and shed light on how the financial sector is involved in the emission of greenhouse gases.

The climate-related indicators cover four carbon metrics – absolute financed emissions, carbon intensity, weighted average carbon intensity and carbon footprint – which are calculated for institutional investors' investments in listed companies.

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