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Portfolio investments
Statistics period: February 2024

Danish investors prefer American stocks

In the past year, Danish investors have once again started buying American stocks, while there has been limited appetite for stocks from other foreign markets. Before 2023, the purchase and sale of American stocks and stocks from other foreign countries were roughly in line. Danish investors, especially insurance and pension funds, have purchased American stocks for kr. 82 billion since January 2023. The purchase occurred during a period of general price increases in the American stock market. Around one-third of the purchase has been in the “magnificent 7”, which refers to the seven American companies Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla. Overall, Danish investors owned foreign listed stocks worth kr. 2084 billion in February 2024, of which kr. 1162 billion were American stocks. Danish holdings in the “magnificent 7” reached kr. 323 billion in February, the highest level ever. Thus, 16 percent of Danish investors' foreign stocks are concentrated in these 7 large American technology stocks.

Larger purchases of American stocks than of other foreign stocks


Accumulated net transactions in American and other foreign listed stocks from January 2020 to February 2024Find chart data in the Statbank.