Danmarks Nationalbank issues market announcements on behalf of the central government, including in connection with issuances of new government bonds and changes of benchmark series. The announcements are aimed at market participants such as Danish and foreign banks and investors wishing to stay up to date.

Central-government debt

The Government issues 10-year green bond via syndication

Opening of 10-year green bond.

On 26 September 2023, the Danish state issued a green bond maturing on 15 November 2033. The bond was issued as a bullet loan with a coupon of 2.25 per cent and issued for DKK 7.75 billion. The course of the issuance and the investor composition can be seen in the attached press release.

The green bond is issued in accordance with the Danish government's Green Bond Framework, which describes the framework for the bond, including the criteria for which expenses can be financed with green bonds. The proceeds from the issuance of the green bond will be allocated to green government spending that supports the production of sustainable energy and the green transition of the transport sector.


For further information please contact the Danish debt management office.