Analyses focus on current issues of particular relevance to Danmarks Nationalbank’s objectives. The analyses may also contain Danmarks Nationalbank’s recommendations. They include our projections for the Danish economy and our assessment of financial stability. Analyses are targeted at people with a broad interest in economic and financial matters.

Financial stability and financial risks

Financial stability 2011

Under the 1936 Danmarks Nationalbank Act, Danmarks Nationalbank must maintain a safe and secure currency system and facilitate and regulate the traffic in money and the extension of credit. One of Danmarks Nationalbank's main objectives is thus to contribute to the stability of the financial system. Danmarks Nationalbank defines financial stability as a condition whereby the overall financial system is robust enough for any problems within the sector not to spread and prevent the financial system from functioning as an efficient provider of capital and financial services. In its Financial stability publication, Danmarks Nationalbank assesses financial stability in Denmark and presents its views and recommendations on measures that may contribute to enhancing financial stability. Furthermore, the publication is intended to stimulate debate about topics of relevance to financial stability and provide input for public authorities, individual financial institutions and financial sector organisations in relation to risk-assessment issues.