New ECB monetary policy strategy does not alter Danmarks Nationalbank's monetary policy

Authors Danmarks Nationalbank
Subject Press releases from Danmarks Nationalbank
Type Press Releases  
Year 2021
Published 8 July 2021

8 July 2021

Today, the European Central Bank, ECB, announced changes to its monetary policy strategy. Going forward, the ECB will pursue a symmetric inflation target of 2 per cent. The ECB also announced various measures for how to take climate change and the transition to a green economy into consideration in the design of its policy.

The changes in the ECB's monetary policy strategy do not influence how Danmarks Nationalbank conducts monetary policy. "The ECB's adjustment of its inflation target will not impact the way in which Danmarks Nationalbank pursues its fixed exchange rate policy. A stable krone rate vis-à-vis the euro is in Denmark's best interest," says Governor Lars Rohde. In a forthcoming analysis, Danmarks Nationalbank will investigate the implications of the changes to the ECB's monetary policy strategy for the Danish economy.

Danmarks Nationalbank agrees that climate change and the transition to a green economy may affect price and financial stability. Danmarks Nationalbank's role and efforts with respect to climate change and sustainability are described in more detail in this recent analysis.

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