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Danmarks Nationalbank’s comments on media reports about SolarWinds

Danmarks Nationalbank

The allegations about Danmarks Nationalbank was hacked and a back door to IT systems was open for 7 months are not correct.


Governor Signe Krogstrup's presentation for Finansforeningen on Fixed-exchange rates regimes and Quantitative Easing

Danmarks Nationalbank

Governor Signe Krogstrup held a presentation for Finansforeningen (CFA Society Denmark) on 11 June 2021 on the subject: ‘Monetary policy is not easy: Fixed-exchange rate regimes and Quantitative Easing’. The presentation provides the background for central banks use of unconventional monetary policy tools, including negative policy rates and quantitative easing. Following, it is discussed how the Danish fixed-exchange rate regimes is affected by the widespread use of unconventional monetary policy by central banks. Finally, possible side effects of unconventional monetary policy are examined. (The presentation is in Danish only).


Danmarks Nationalbank's comments on The Economic Council's discussion paper, Spring 2021

Danmarks Nationalbank

Danmarks Nationalbank's comments on The Economic Council's discussion paper, Spring 2021.


Governor Signe Krogstrups speech at the annual meeting of the Association of Local Banks, Savings Banks and Cooperative Banks in Denmark

Danmarks Nationalbank

The first part of the speech provides a brief overview of the current economic situation. The second part of the speech focuses on climate change and the role of the financial sector. (The presentation is in Danish only.)


Governor Lars Rohde's presentation at Djøf's Negotiator conference on status and prospects for the Danish economy

Danmarks Nationalbank

The pandemic has resulted in a two-speed economy: For example, activity has been low in the experience industry due to fears of infection and restrictions, while it has been high in, for example, the construction industry and in the housing market, where prices have increased significantly. The two-speed situation is also evident in the labour market, where employment has especially been affected in the service industries. Looking ahead, Danmarks Nationalbank expects that economic activity will quickly recover in line with the population being vaccinated and the restrictions being eased. (The presentation is in Danish only.)


Governor Per Callesen's speech at the Europa Think Tank's webinar on digital euro

Danmarks Nationalbank

Governor Per Callesen's speech on 23 April 2021 at the Europa Think Tank's webinar on the digital euro.


Governor Signe Krogstrup's presentation at ESM seminar about climate change and debt sustainability

Danmarks Nationalbank

Governor Signe Krogstrup's presentation "Climate change and debt sustainability" at ESM seminar, 21 April 2021. The presentation addresses how climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy can affect countries' debt levels and fiscal sustainability. A point made is that increased uncertainty about the future could result in budget deficits and higher interest rates.


Danmarks Nationalbank's comments on the Economic Council's Autumn 2020 report

Danmarks Nationalbank