Monetary review, 2012 4th Quarter - Part 1

Authors Danmarks Nationalbank
Subject Danish Economy; Financial markets and financial stability; International Economy; Monetary- and foreign-exchange policy; Other economic analyses; Recent economic and monetary trends; Housing Market, Home Financing; Financial stability; Financial sector; Financial markets; IMF; Economic activity and employment; Monetary policy; Foreign-exchange reserve; Monetary-policy instruments
Type Monetary Review
Year 2012
Published 10 January 2013
Abstract icon Current Economic and Monetary Trends; Danish Families' Financial Robustness, Variable Rates and Deferred Amortisation; Corporate Saving and Investment; The Banks' Interest Rates; A Comparison of the ERM Crisis in the Early 1990s with Recent Years' Financial and Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe; The Process towards an EU/IMF Loan Programme and a Debt Restructuring; The Danish Money Market at Low Interest Rates;