Voice and representation in the IMF

Authors Gade, Thomas Pihl; Malthe-Thagaard, Sune; Ristorp Thomsen, Casper
Subject IMF; International cooperation
Type Monetary Review  
Year 2015
Published 7 July 2015
Link to publication Monetary Review, 2nd Quarter 2015
The article discusses the member countries' voting power and representation in the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and Denmark's cooperation with the Nordic-Baltic countries. A country's voting power is proportional to its capital subscription. In 2010, the IMF Executive Board decided to double the members' total capital subscriptions – referred to as the 2010 reform. The purpose of the reform is to ensure that the IMF has sufficient lending capacity. The distribution of the new capital subscriptions will increase the voting power in the IMF of countries whose positions in the world economy have grown. The 2010 reform has not yet entered into force because it has not been approved by the USA. Once the reform is ratified, most countries' voting power will reflect their relative positions in the world economy.