Working Paper: Consumption Heterogeneity: Micro Drivers and Macro Implications

Working Paper - November 2018 -  No. 129

Authors Kuchler, Andreas (Danmarks Nationalbank); Crawley, Edmund (Johns Hopkins University)
Subject household balance sheets; Monetary-policy transmission; Economic activity and employment
Type Working paper
Year 2018
Published 2 November 2018
Abstract icon This paper aims to test the microfoundations of consumption models and quantify the macro implications of heterogeneity in consumption behavior. We propose a new empirical method to estimate the sensitivity of consumption to permanent and transitory income shocks and apply it to administrative data from Denmark. We find that households who stand to lose from an interest rate hike are more sensitive to income shocks than those who stand to gain. This interest rate exposure channel is potentially more important than the standard intertemporal substitution channel.