Monetary and financial trends - Low interest rates supports the upswing

Analysis - March 2019 - No. 5

Authors Danmarks Nationalbank
Subject Danish Economy; Current economic and monetary trends; Monetary- and foreign-exchange; The money and currency markets; Monetary- and foreign-exchange policy; Monetary policy; Monetary-policy instrument; Foreign-exchange market; Financial risks; Financial assets and balances; Fixed-exchange-rate policy
Type Analysis
Year 2019
Published 20 March 2019
The krone exchange rate is very close to the central rate. Danmarks Nationalbank bought kroner in December 2018 and January 2019 after a gradual weakening of the krone during 2018. Monetary policy and the broader financial conditions are accommodative and support the current economic expansion. Borrowing rates for the real economy have been falling for a number of years, but credit growth remains moderate, and overall corporations and households have strengthened their financial balances through the economic expansion.