Internationale økonomisk-politiske tiltag under covid-19-krisen

Economic Memo – June 2020 – No. 4

Authors Jensen, Rasmus Mose; Christensen, Nicolai Risager; Gade, Thomas Pihl; Bartholdy, Niels; Christensen, Helle Eis
Subject International Economy; Economic policy; Monetary policy; International cooperation
Type Economic Memo
Year 2020
Published 16 June 2020
Exceptionally large monetary and fiscal policy measures have been implemented globally to counteract the adverse economic consequences of the covid-19 crisis. The analysis first provides an overview of some of the measures taken to support liquidity and lending in the US, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. It then focuses on fiscal measures in the countries' stimulus packages that support demand directly. Finally, the use of state aid in the EU during the crisis is examined. (Memo available in Danish only)