Danish Mortgage bond liquidity briefly impacted by covid-19

Analysis - November 2020 - No. 22

Authors Halsnæs, Jens Skovsted; Loncar, Nastasija; Hensch, Jonas Ladegaard
Subject Financial stability; Financial institutions; Corona
Type Analysis
Year 2020
Published 10 November 2020
Abstract icon In mid-March, there was great uncertainty on the financial markets, resulting in increasing credit and liquidity costs. The Danish mortgage bond market was also affected, and mortgage rates rose sharply in the course of a few days. This analysis describes the development in the market liquidity on the Danish mortgage bond market in mid-March 2020 with specific focus on the primary issuance market. The analysis shows that mortgage credit institutions were still able to issue and sell bonds on the market, but that market liquidity was significantly reduced during the days with greatest uncertainty