New types of digital money

Analysis - June 2022 - No. 8

Authors Seixas, Julia Weismann; Nielsen, Søren Truels; Mogensen, Samuel Eddie
Subject Central bank digital currency; Payment systems; Financial stability; Digitalisation; Crypto Assets; Blockchain Technolog; The role of Danmarks Nationalbank
Type Analysis
Year 2022
Published 23 June 2022
Abstract icon The money we currently use in Denmark is well-functioning, and new types of digital money are likely to gain a foothold if they offer benefits for citizens and society. Danmarks Nationalbank is working to ensure access to secure and efficient money and payment solutions that are available to the whole society, also in the future. This applies regardless of the solution, provider or technology that may form the basis of new types of digital money. Danmarks Nationalbank is planning to organise a conference on new types of digital money in the 4th quarter of 2022.