Working Paper: Segmentation of the Housing Market with Internet Data: Evidence from Denmark

Working Paper - August 2022 - No. 188

Authors Adolfsen, Jakob; Mønsted, Bjarke; Schmith, Adrian Michael Bay; Martinello, Alessandro; Gudiksen, Simon (Boligsiden A/S); Sonberg, Kasper Fredløv (Boligsiden A/S)
Subject Statistical method; Other economic analyses
Type Working paper
Year 2022
Published 11 August 2022
Abstract icon In this paper, we introduce a novel tool for housing market analysis developed on the basis of online listings data from the largest real estate listing site in Denmark. The tool uses a combination of machine learning techniques to provide a data-driven segmentation of the housing market into meaningful submarkets that differ from administrative classifications. We demonstrate how the tool can support monitoring and research of underlying housing market developments in Denmark.