Danish Government Borrowing and Debt 2013

Authors Danmarks Nationalbank
Subject Cost-at Risk; CP; The Social Pension Fund; Euro Loan; Re-lending; Credit risk; Key on-the-run issues; Terms of borrowing; Market making; Central-government borrowing; Government-Guaranteed Entities; Central-government debt policy
Type Danish Government Borrowing and Debt
Year 2013
Published 24 February 2014
Abstract icon At end-2013, the central-government debt amounted to kr. 487 billion, which is unchanged compared with the preceding year. The level corresponds to 26 per cent of GDP or kr. 87,000 per capita. The Danish central-government debt is low compared with most other European countries. Special-topic section; Liquidity in Danish Government Securities; Implication of Term Premia for the Central Government as Issuer.