Eddie Gerba

Macroprudential Policy Advisor 
Financial Stability
Fields of Interest: Financial Intermediations, Macroeconomics, Macroprudential Policy

Professional Experience
Macroprudential Policy Advisor, Financial Stability, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2019-
Senior Research Economist, DG Financial Stability, Banco de España, 2016-2018
Research Fellow, London School of Economics, 2014-2016
Post-Doctoral Research Officer, London School of Economics, 2013-2014

Ph.D., Economics, University of Kent, 2013
M.Res., Finance and Political Economy, London School of Economics, 2009
M.Sc., Quantitative Finance and Risk Management, The Swiss Finance Institute and ETHZ, 2007
M.Sc., Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2007

Refereed Publications
'The role of cognitive limitations and heterogeneous expectations for aggregate production and credit cycles', with Paul De Grauwe, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, no. 91, (2018)

'What is the Fiscal Stress in the Euro Area? Evidence from a Joint Monetary-Fiscal Structural Model', Ensayos Sobre Politica Economica, 36(86), (2018)

'Monetary Transmission Under Competing Corporate Finance Regimes' with Paul De Grauwe, Ensayos Sobre Politica Economica, 35(82), (2017)

Working Papers
'Macro-Financial Interactions in a Changing World', with Danilo Leiva-Leon, Bank of Spain mimeo, (2019)

'Quest for robust Optimal Macroprudential Policy (ROMP)', with Pablo Aguilar, Stephan Fahr and Samuel Hurtado, forthcoming Bank of Spain Working Paper, (2019)

'Rationalising the Irrational: How relevant are beliefs for assets prices, credit and aggregate production?', with Paul De Grauwe, Banco de España Working Paper, No. 1626, (2017)

'Knightian Uncertainty and Credit Cycles', with Dawid Zochowski, ECB Working Paper, no. 2068, (2017)

'Intangible Capital, Stock Markets, and Macroeconomic Stability: Implications for Optimal Monetary Policy', London School of Economics mimeo, (2017)

'How effective are capital-based macroprudential measures in taming the macro-financial cycles? A structural enquiry into Spain', with Javier Mencia, Bank of Spain mimeo, (2017)

'Estimating US Fiscal and Monetary Interactions: From Volcker Chairmanship to the Great Recession', with Klemens Hauzenberger, University of Kent Working Paper Series No. 1303, (2014) 

'Have the US Macro-Financial Linkages Changed? The Balance Sheet Dimension', LSE Research Online, (2015)

'Household Finance and the Welfare State: A Case Study of the United States 1980-2010', with Waltraud Schelkle, London School of Economics Working Paper, (2014)

'Structural Models of the Wage Curve Estimated by Panel Data and Cross-Section Regressions', with Emmanuel V. Pikoulakis and Tomasz Piotr Wisniewski, Munich Personal RePec Archive (MPRA), (2014)

'Explaining Cross-Country Differences in Productivity: Is it Efficiency or Factor Endowments?', with Emmanuel V. Pikoulakis, London School of Economics mimeo, (2013)

Selected Other Works
'Monetary Policy Implications from transitory vs. permanently subdued growth prospects (secular stagnation)', European Parliament Monetary Dialogue, (2018)

'Models and Tools for Analysing Crossborder Effects of Macroprudential Policy Measures', with Christoffer Kok, Eurosystem and ESRB Task Force on Analysing Crossborder Spillovers of Macroprudential Policy, (2018)

'Final Report on Structural Capital Buffers', with Susanne Korbmacher et al., ESRB Expert Group on Structural Buffers, (2018)

'Policy Options and Risks of an Extension of the ECS's Quantitative Easing Programme: an Analysis', with Corrado Macchiarelli, European Parliament Monetary Dialogue, (2016)

'Interaction Between Monetary Policy and Bank Regulation: Theory and European Practice', with Corrado Macchiarell, LSE Systemic Risk Centre Special Paper Series, no. 10, (2015)

'Financial Cycles and Macroeconomic Stability: How Secular is the Great Recession?', LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbruecken, Germany, (2015)

'The Finance - Welfare State Nexus', with Waltraud Schelkle, ACES cases 2013:1, The American Consortium on EU Studies, (2013)