Jacob Wellendorph Ejsing

Head of Risk Modelling
Banking and Markets
Fields of Interest: Financial Markets, Asset, Liability Management

Professional Experience
Head of Risk Modelling, Banking and Markets, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2016-
Principal Risk Manager, Banking and Markets, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2015-2016
Assistant Head, Government Debt Management, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2014-2015
Consultant, The World Bank Treasury, 2012-2016
Adviser, Government Debt Management, Danmarks Nationalbank 2010-2013
Economist, ​Directorate Monetary Policy, European Central Bank, 2006-2010
Economist, Market Operations, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2004-2006

M.Sc., Economics, Aarhus University, 2003

Refereed Publications
'Liquidity and credit premia in the yields of highly-rated sovereign bonds', with Grothe, Magdalena; Grothe, Oliver, Journal of Empirical Finance, No. 33, (2015)

'The Janus-Headed Salvation: Sovereign and Bank Credit Risk Premia during 2008-2009', with Lemke, Wolfgang, Economics Letters, 110(1), 28-31. (2011) (Longer version: ECB Working Paper Series No. 1127, (2009))

Selected Working Papers
'Buyback and Exchange Operations: Policies, Procedures and Practices among OECD Public Debt Managers', with Blommestein, Hans J.; Elmadag, Mehmet Emre, OECD Working Papers on Sovereign Borrowing and Public Debt Management, no. 5, (2012)

'Liquidity premia in German government bonds', with Sihvonen, Jussi, ECB Working Paper Series No. 1081, (2009)

'The term structure of euro area break-even inflation rates: the impact of seasonality', with Gárcia, Juan A.; Werner, Thomas, ECB Working Paper Series, No. 830, (2007)

Danmarks Nationalbank Publications
'Decomposition of Government Bond Yields in Credit and Liquidity Components', with
Christensen, Nicolaj Harmann, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 1st quarter, (2013)

'The Crisis in European Sovereign Debt Markets', with Autrup, Søren Lejsgaard; Mikkelsen, Uffe, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 4th quarter, (2010)

'The Sustainability of the Low Long-Term Bond Yields', with Andersen, Allan Bødskov; Sand, Michael, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 2nd quarter, (2006)

'Why Have Oil Prices Risen?', with Hydeskov, John; Mindested, Palle Bach, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 2nd quarter (2006)