Jonas Staghøj

Senior Adviser
Banking and Markets
Fields of Interest: Inflation and Wages, Government Debt Management, Risk Management

Professional Experience
Senior Adviser, Government Debt Division, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2015-
Head of Section, Macroeconomic Analysis Division, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2012-2015
Head of Section, Financial Statistics Department, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2010-2012

Ph.D., Economics and Management, Aarhus University, 2009

Working Papers
'Bank-firm relationships and the survival of non-financial firms during the financial crisis 2008-09', with Abildgren, Kim; Buchholst, Birgitte Vølund, ECB Working Paper Series no. 1516, (2013)

Refereed Publications
'Choosing the Best Training Programme: Is there a Case for Statistical Treatment Rules?', with Svarer, Michael; Rosholm, Michael, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, no. 72(2), (2010)

'A Danish Profiling System', with Hammer, Bo; Rosholm, Michael; Svarer, Michael, Danish Economic Journal, no. 144, (2006)

Selected Danmarks Nationalbank Publications
'Falling Oil and Consumer Prices', with Mortensen, Anne Ulstrup, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 1st quarter, (2015)

'Price Formation in Denmark', with Hansen, Ester; Rasmussen, Morten Heedgaard, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 3rd quarter, (2013).

'Real Economic Consequences of Financial Crises', with Abildgren, Kim; Buchholst, Birgitte Vølund; Qureshi, Atef, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 3rd quarter, (2011).