Renato Faccini

Deputy Head of Research
Fields of Interest: Macroeconomics, Business Cycle, Macro-Labor

Full Academic CV

Professional Experience
Interim Head of Research, Danmarks Nationalbank, April 2022 -
Deputy Head of Research, Danmarks Nationalbank, February 2021 -
Senior Research Economist, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2019 - 2021
Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, University College London, 2018
Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University, 2014 - 2020
Lecturer, Queen Mary University, 2011 - 2014
Economist, Structural Economic Analysis Division, Bank of England, 2008 - 2011

Ph.D., Economics, European University Institute, 2009
M.A., Economics, European University Institute, 2005
DEA, International Economics, HEI, 2004
B.A., Economics, LUISS University, 2002

Refereed Publications

"The Importance of Hiring Frictions in Business Cycles," with Eran Yashiv, Quantitative Economics, 13(3): 1101-1143, (2022)

"Pigouvian Cycles," with Leonardo Melosi, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 14(2): 281-318, (2022)

"News Uncertainty in Brexit United Kingdom," with E. Palombo, American Economic Review: Insigts, 3(2): 149-164, (2021)

"A New Predictor of Real Economic Activity: the S&P 500 Option implied Risk Aversion," with E. Konstantinidi, G. Skiadopoulos and S. Sarantopoulou-Chiourea, Management Science, 65(10): 4927-4949, (2018)

"International Fiscal Spillovers," with H. Mumtaz and P. Surico, Journal of International Economics, 99: 31-45, (2016)

"Reassessing Labour Market Reforms: Temporary Contracts as a Screening Device," The Economic Journal, 124(575): 167-200, (2014)

"Wage Rigidities in an Estimated Dynamic, Stochastic, General Equilibrium Model of the UK Labour Market," with S. Millard and F. Zanetti, The Manchester School, 81(S1): 66-99, (2013)

"Deep Habits and the Cyclical Behaviour of Equilibrium Unemployment and Vacancies," with F. Di Pace, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36(2): 183-200, (2012)

"Labor-Market Volatility in the Search-and-Matching Model: The Role of Investment-Specific Technology Shocks," with S. Ortigueira, Journal of Economics Dynamics and Control, Elsevier, 34(8): 1509-1527, (2010)

Working Papers / Work in Progress

"Looking beyond the impact of energy prices: What drives trend inflation in Denmark?" with P. V. Borgensgaard, Danmarks Nationalbank Working Paper No. 6, (2022)

"Bad Jobs and Low Inflation," with Leonardo Melosi, R&R at the Review of Economics and Statistics.

"Are Climate Change Risks Priced in the U.S. Stock Market?" with Renato Faccini and George Skiadopoulos, Danmarks Nationalbank Working Paper No. 169, (2021)

"Inclusive Full Employment," with J. Faberman and L. Melosi

"Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Times of Large Debt: Union is Strength," with F. Bianchi and L. Melosi

"Income Risk, Asset Prices and Labor Market Cyclicality', with P. Rendahl

Other Work

"The Effects of the Great Resignation on Labor Market Slack and Inflation," with L. Melosi and R. Miles, Chicago Fed Letter, (2022)

"Unemployment and within-group wage inequality: can information explain the trade-off?" EUI WP 2007/14, (2007)

"Changes in Output, Employment and Wages During Recessions in the United Kingdom," with C. Hackworth, Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, 50(1): 43-50, (2010)