Research Unit Economists

Abstract icon Economists in the Research Unit are expected to produce high-quality research to be published in refereed journals and to participate in the international academic and central banking debate.

Research Unit Leadership

Andersen, Steffen
​Head of Research

Faccini, Renato
​Deputy Head of Research

Research Unit Economists

Bartscher, Alina Kristin
Research Economist

Cucic, Dominic
​Research Economist

Darougheh, Saman
​Research Economist

Krause, Thomas
​Research Economist
Nelson, Genevieve
​Research Economist

Poeschl, Johannes
​Senior Research Economist

Renkin, Tobias
​Senior Research Economist

Rozsypal, Filip
​Senior Research Economist

von Rüden, Stine Louise
​Research Economist

Research Unit Visiting Scholars

Jensen, Henrik

Lando, David

Leth-Petersen, Søren

Mann, Katja

Ravn, Søren Hove

Santoro, Emiliano

Sunder-Plassmann, Laura

External Advisors

Dedola, Luca

Mitman, Kurt

Research Unit PhD Students

Hoeck, Christian Philip

Nielsen, Mads Anker

Colmsjö, Elin Ingrid Fanny

Other Economists at Danmarks Nationalbank engaged in research