Sune Malthe-Thagaard

Economics and Monetary Policy
Fields of Interest: Open Economy Macroeconomics, International Finance

Professional Experience
Economist, Macroeconomic Analysis Division, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2016-
Economist, Monetary policy and International Relations Division, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2014-2016
Economist, International Macroeconomics Division, Danmarks Nationalbank, 2012-2014
Research Assistant, Ministry of Finance, 2007-2008

M.Sc., Economics, University of Copenhagen, 2012

Selected Danmarks Nationalbank Publications
'Diffusion of new knowledge benefits firms' productivity, with Kristoffersen, Mark Strøm; Spange, Mortensen, Danmarks Nationalbank Analysis, no. 18 (2017)

'The Faroese Economy - Boom and labour market pressure, Danmarks Nationalbank Analysis, no. 17 (2017)

'Higher Growth Figures Confirmed the Upswing' with Høegh, Grane Haker Danmarks Nationalbank Analysis, no. 4 (2017)

'Voice and representation in the IMF', with Gade, Thomas Pihl; Ristorp Thomsen, Casper, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 2nd quarter, (2015)

'Lending by the IMF to Programme Countries and Denmark's Commitments to the IMF', with Gade, Thomas Pihl; Funch Sørensen, Louise, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 2nd quarter, (2014)

'A Comparison of the ERM Crisis in the Early 1990s with Recent Years' Financial and Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe – part 1', with Abildgren, Kim, Danmarks Nationalbank Monetary Review, 4th