PhD programme

Danmarks Nationalbank offers several fellowships to support students enrolled in a PhD programme in economics or finance. Resident students are hosted at Danmarks Nationalbank for the duration of their PhD programme and collaborate with economists on research projects.

PhD fellows will be mentored by the academic advisers on the PhD programme at the university where they are enrolled. They must be physically present at the bank on a regular basis during the week, participate in the bank’s professional and social environment, be integrated in the activities of the Research Unit and work towards the completion of their PhD thesis.

As a PhD student in Danmarks Nationalbank, you will:

  • Get a monthly stipend equivalent to the PhD stipend offered by Danish universities and an office space with seaside view.

  • Collaborate with a young international team of PhD economists working in the Research Unit on research topics within macroeconomics, finance, household finance and labour economics.

  • Work with extensive household, enterprise and bank microdata.

  • Benefit from the wide range of expertise of economists working in different areas of the bank and be exposed to lively policy discussions that have inspired numerous research projects.

  • Participate in numerous workshops, research seminars and conferences.

PhD fellow impressions

Christian Philip Hoeck started in 2021 as a PhD student at the bank. He is particularly pleased with the network he has gained.

“I’m affiliated with both the Research department here at Danmarks Nationalbank and the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen. I can therefore draw on both networks, and I think that’s a great advantage,” he says.

Christian is also pleased with the opportunity to follow the bank’s work from the inside.

“While writing my dissertation, I’m also part of the Economics and Monetary Policy department. It gives me the opportunity to follow how Danmarks Nationalbank relates to developments in the Danish and international economy,” he says.

Current participants

Past participants

Past participants in the PhD programme have undertaken careers in research, policymaking, and consulting, including positions at Danmarks Nationalbank, the University of Copenhagen, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the European Banking Authority, the Bank of England and private employers. Their research work has been published, among others, in the European Economic Review, the Scandinavian Journal of Economics, the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, the Journal of Macroeconomics and the Journal of Empirical Finance.