Why does Danmarks Nationalbank publish financial statistics?

Danmarks Nationalbank collects, processes and publishes a wide range of financial statistics. This is done as part of Danmarks Nationalbank's purpose of monitoring and ensuring the stability of the financial system.
Where can I find data?
Danmarks Nationalbank publishes financial statistics via Danmarks Nationalbank's StatBank. You can read more about the individual statistics areas under Find statistics. Data is also included as part of Statistics Denmark's Statistics Bank, the ECB's statistics portal, Eurostat's statistics portal and others.
Where does the data come from?
Both financial and non-financial companies report data to Danmarks Nationalbank on a fixed frequency. Data is used to compile Danmarks Nationalbank's various financial statistics.
Follows international standards
The statistics follow international standards and best practices of the European Central Bank (ECB), Eurostat and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This means that the development in Denmark can be compared with other countries.