Insurance and pension, 3rd quarter 2022

Published 31 August 2022

Date and time of the event:

12/12/2022 08:00

Abstract icon THE STATISTICS ARE PUBLISHED ON 12 DECEMBER 2022. Danmarks Nationalbank publishes on a quarterly basis statistics on the Danish insurance and pension sector. The statistics account for the balance sheet items, investments, returns, insurance provisions as well as currency exposure and hedging of the sector

The statistics present a monthly account of investments and returns in the insurance and pension sector, listed by company type, sector, currency and country. The data on investments and returns include the option of fund look-through for Danish investment funds.

In addition, the statistics provide quarterly data on the balance sheet items of the consolidated insurance and pension sector, aggregated by company type and main balance sheet items.  Insurance provisions are listed by company type and provision type.

Lastly, the statistics contain monthly data on currency exposure and hedging in the sector, distributed by company type and currency.