International reserve assets and foreign currency liquidity, April 2023

Published 31 January 2023

Date and time of the event:

31/05/2023 08:00

Abstract icon Danmarks Nationalbank publishes a monthly compilation of the development in the international reserves, Danmarks Nationalbank’s balance sheet, etc.

On the last banking day of the month Danmarks Nationalbank publishes an expanded compilation of Denmark's international reserve assets and foreign currency liquidity calculated according to the guidelines of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Denmark's subscription to SDDS (Special Data Dissemination Standard) entails the obligation for Danmarks Nationalbank to publish this compilation.

There may be minor deviations from the statistics published on the second banking day due to varying compilation principles. The IMF statistics furthermore contain supplementary data on financial derivatives (forward transactions in foreign currency), repo transactions, the contingent liabilities in foreign currency of the central government and Danmarks Nationalbank, and predetermined payments in foreign currency falling due within the next 3 months.