Statistics News, 4th quarter 2019 - Households' financial net wealth grew in 2019

Abstract icon The net financial wealth of Danish households increased by 721 billion Danish kroner in 2019. The total net financial wealth was kr. 4,312 billion by the end of 2019, which corresponds to kr. 1.58 million per household. The net financial wealth of households has increased significantly since the financial crisis in 2009, and the households have built up a financial buffer against downturns. There exists a significant degree of diversification between the sizes of the net financial wealth amongst the Danish households. This diversification implies that the effect of the price movements on the financial markets differs between households. This release addresses the latest figures in the statistics for 'Financial accounts' which are from the end of 4th quarter 2019. Since then, extraordinary big changes in the economy have occurred due to covid-19. At the end of June, Danmarks Nationalbank will update this statistic with the figures for the 1st quarter of 2020.
Subject Financial statistics
Type Financial accounts
Period 4. quarter 2019
Published 31 March 2020
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