Statistics News, February 2020 - Danish NFCs had kr. 426 billion in the bank

At the end of February, Danish non-financial corporations (NFCs), which here cover both public and private non-financial corporations in addition to sole proprietors and unincorporated partnerships, had deposits for kr. 426 billion in Danish banks. The NFCs' deposits have increased by approximately kr. 150 billion since 2012 which corresponds to an increase of just above 50 per cent. This release addresses the latest figures in the statistics for 'Banking and mortgage lending, balances' which are from the end of February 2020. Since then, extraordinary large changes in the economy have occurred due to covid-19. At the end of April, Danmarks Nationalbank will update this statistics with the figures for March.
Subject Financial statistics
Type Banking and mortgage lending, balances
Period February 2020
Published 26 March 2020