Danes' financial wealth decreased with kr. 454 billion in the 1st quarter

Abstract icon After a decline of kr. 454 billion in the 1st quarter, Danish households' net financial wealth – the difference between financial assets and debt – reached kr. 3,847 billion. This corresponds to a decrease of kr. 166 thousands for the average household since the last quarter, and thus the household's net financial wealth totals kr. 1.41 billion on average.
Subject Financial statistics
Type Financial accounts
Period 1. quarter 2020
Published 30 June 2020
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Intensified collaboration on the Financial National Accounts

Danmarks Nationalbank (DN) and Statistics Denmark (DST) want to achieve full consistency between the quarterly and annual financial accounts. Against this background, DN and DST have in 2019 established a collaborative project on a common IT system for the preparation of the national accounts' financial accounts.

For more information see 'Brief on joint system for financial accounts'.