Banking and Mortgage Lending

The banks and mortgage credit institutions statistics are monthly statements of assets and liabilities in banks and mortgage credit institutions. In addition, you can also find quarterly statements from Nationalbanken’s Lending Survey here. 

The statistics contain information on Danish banks and mortgage banks’ stocks and transactions for primarily loans and deposits. Interest rate and administration rate are also stated for both new and all existing loans.

There is detailed information on e.g. sector, type of loans and deposits, currency and instalments for Danish and foreign customers. The statistics make out an important source for insights on subjects like credit growth, prevalence of negative interest rates on deposits, the Danes’ deposits, and information on Danish homeowners’ mortgage debt which is important for their economic robustness.

Nationalbanken’s Lending Survey is a qualitative statement of Denmark’s largest banks and mortgage credit institutions’ development in credit policy for corporations and households. The survey gives indications on whether or not it has become easier or harder in general for Danish loan takers to obtain a loan, and to what extent changes in the total debt is driven by supply or demand.


The banks and mortgage credit institutions statistics are published every month, typically on the 19th weekday. The Lending Survey is quarterly and published on the 6th weekday of January, April, July and October.



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Banking and Mortgage Lending