Direct investments


Direct investments cover statistics regarding cross-border corporate investments. Most direct investments are made by groups that own 100 per cent of the company that they invest in. 

The statistics include Danish direct investments abroad (outward) and foreign direct investments in Denmark (inward). The statistics are divided into transactions and the holdings of direct investments. The transactions reflect the value of direct investments made within a given period, while the holdings reflect the total value of direct investments at a given time.

In contrast to portfolio investments, direct investments are characterised by the investor having a significant influence on the decision-making in the company in which the investment is made.

The statistics are part of the balance of payments financial account and are compiled in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the balance of payments manual issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The transaction statistics are published in the second month of each quarter. The holdings statistics are published once a year in September. Both statistics are published on the 10th banking day of the month of publication.


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The flow statistics is published the second month of every quarter. The stock statistics is published yearly. The statistics are published on the 10th bankday.
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The statistics includes two types of  publications:
  • Direct investments, flows (DNDIQ)
  • Direct investments, stock (DNDIA, DNUIC)

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Direct investments