Insurance and pension

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Pension wealth (Individual)



Balance (Sector)




Investments (Sector)

Insurance Companies and pension funds where Danish investment funds are looked through.

Return on Investments per cent by:

Holdings by:



Provisions (Sector)

Insurance companies and pension funds in total*

Provision end of period:

Contribution and payout:

General insurance:





Hedging (Sector)

Insurance companies and pension funds.


Hedge and exposure:


  • Investment with and without currency changes


Interest rate


Changes in average rate- and general provisions:



 *Further division in the company type's life insurance, pension funds and general insurance can be found in the Statistical tables of Danmarks Nationalbank.


Sources and method




The statistics category 'Insurance and Pension' comprises both the pension statistic based on individual level data and the insurance and pension statistic based on sector level data.





The individual-based pension statistics contains yearly pension data for Danish households. These data are collected and validated in cooperation with Statistics Denmark. The pension wealth is documented here:



The insurance and pension statistic is based on sector level data and monthly and quarterly pension data for the companies in the insurance and pension sector.