Insurance corporations and pension funds

Abstract icon The data reported is used for various central statistics: the balance of payments, Denmark's external assets and liabilities, securities statistics, financial accounts and the compilation of direct investments in and out of Denmark. Insurance corporations and pension funds play an important role in connection with savings, risk management and investment in Denmark.

Here you will find the reporting guidelines applying to your company. Please note the difference between "monthly, quarterly and yearly" reporting and "yearly only":

The reporting guidelines lay down and describe terms & conditions and requirements for Danmarks Nationalbank's collection of statistical information, including:

  • Legal basis for collecting statistics
  • Enterprises with reporting obligations
  • Frequencies and deadlines
  • Content and structure of the reporting
    • Information to be reported (delimitation)
    • Compilation and valuation principles
    • Details (instruments, sectors, industries, maturities, currencies, etc.)
    • Descriptions of the individual reporting forms
  • Code lists for various details, e.g. country and currency codes.

The reporting guidelines are revised as required. The reporting insurance and pension companies and relevant industry associations are usually involved in this process so as to ensure a common understanding of the changes.

Technical material

If you do not want to enter your data directly into FIONA Online, you may find these auxiliary Excel files useful for data collection. In this way, you can also print the forms and use Excel's mathematical functions.

The forms without any built-in functions are for users reporting only small amounts of data. To copy to FIONA Online, follow the description in the user guide in the box "How to report". The forms with built-in functions can be used for e.g. importing XML files from your other systems so that you have all your data in one place before creating an XML file and importing it into FIONA Online:

The various Excel links on the rest of the webpage go to a Danish version only, an so does the link to the guide:

Finally, you can also opt for automated reporting. The principles for structuring the XML reporting file are described in the following material:

Other material

Supplementary material to help you report correctly:


Contact the FIONA Servicedesk, tel. +45 33 63 68 14 or, to be created as a user or if you have any questions.


Monthly report:
10th business day at 12:00 after the end of the month that the report concerns.

Quarterly report:
5 weeks after the end of the quarter that the report concerns.

Yearly report:
4 months after the end of the financial year if the enterprise is listed and
5 months if it is unlisted.

How to report

The Danish Financial Authority (FSA) and Danmarks Nationalbank's common reporting system, FIONA Online, is part of Danmarks Nationalbank's extranet (NEXT) and in principle requires a NemID for business. Users who cannot obtain this, typically non-residents, can log on using a combination of codes received by text message and e-mail.

You must be created as a user and receive a welcome e-mail before you can access FIONA Online.

FIONA Online is web-based. You can use it to report data, view reporting error lists and correct errors.

You can enter data directly, copy from Excel or import an XML file in the format we have defined for each type of reporting. Get help in:

User guide to FIONA Online 3 (FO3 v3.2)pdf.

But see also the Technical material section

You can also opt for an automated solution whereby an XML file is transferred directly from one system to the other, see Technical material.

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