Investment funds, etc.

Reporting of financial statistics for investment funds, etc.

The data reported is used for the investment fund statistics and various other central statistics: Denmark's external assets and liabilities, securities statistics and financial accounts. These statistics provide information about Denmark's economic situation and Danish residents' use of the financial system.

All documents listed below are in Danish only unless marked (in English).

Here you will find the reporting guidelines applying to your association:

Reporting guidelines for investment funds, special-purpose associations, etc. (version 9) (pdf)

The reporting guidelines lay down and describe terms & conditions and requirements for Danmarks Nationalbank's collection of statistical information, including:

  • Legal basis for collecting statistics
  • Enterprises with reporting obligations
  • Frequencies and deadlines
  • Content and structure of the reporting
    • Information to be reported (delimitation)
    • Compilation and valuation principles
    • Details (instruments, sectors, industries, maturities, currencies, etc.)
    • Descriptions of the individual reporting forms
  • Replacement reports in the event of errors and/or omissions
  • Code lists for various details, e.g. country and currency codes.

The reporting guidelines are revised as required. The reporting funds, etc. and relevant industry associations are usually involved in this process so as to ensure a common understanding of the changes.

Technical material

The following spreadsheets are available for Excel-based reporting:

The following material is available for automated reporting:

Other material


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How to report

You have a choice of two reporting methods for the STINA system: Excel-based reporting or integrated production in your own IT systems (automated reporting). See the Technical material section.

User guide to FIONA Online 3 (FO3)pdf.