For reporters

Danmarks Nationalbank uses the data reported by both financial and non-financial corporations as a basis for preparing various financial statistics. Practically all data is used as input for more than one set of statistics. This reduces the reporting burden for the individual enterprise.

The financial statistics are a key element of e.g. Danmarks Nationalbank's basis for assessment of financial stability.

The legal basis for Danmarks Nationalbank's collection of statistics is section 14a of the Danmarks Nationalbank Act. A division of tasks has been agreed with Statistics Denmark, placing the main responsibility for collecting financial statistics with Danmarks Nationalbank.

Where to find reporting information

Reporters of data for Danmarks Nationalbank select type of enterprise in the left-hand menu and follow the instructions on the page. The individual enterprise has been informed of the reporting requirements. If you have any questions regarding statistical reporting to Danmarks Nationalbank, please contact the FIONA Servicedesk.


Contact the FIONA Servicedesk, tel. +45 33 63 68 14 or, if you have any questions or problems.

What is FIONA

FIONA is the Danish Financial Authority and Danmarks Nationalbank's common reporting system. Most reporting to Danmarks Nationalbank is done via FIONA. A few reporting types have not yet been transferred and are done via e.g. spreadsheet or STINA Online.