Security upgrade of current banknotes

From February 2024, Danmarks Nationalbank will put security-upgraded versions of the 200- and 100-krone banknotes into circulation. An updated version of the 500-krone banknote was introduced in 2020, and in 2025, the 50-krone banknote in the current series will also be put into circulation in a new security-upgraded version.

Banknotes are designed and produced with security features that make them harder to counterfeit and help you to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit banknotes.

Still, some counterfeit banknotes may be well executed and difficult to detect. As technology advances, counterfeiters are constantly developing better tools to copy banknotes. That is why Danmarks Nationalbank continuously assesses the quality of the banknotes’ security features and ensures that they are always at the forefront of technological development.

In 2020, the 500-krone banknote was released in a new, security-upgraded version, and from February 2024, the 100- and 200-krone banknotes in the current series featuring bridges and archaeological finds (2009 series) have also been released in updated versions. In 2025, the 50-krone banknote will also undergo a security upgrade. The security-upgraded versions are called the 2009A series.

The 1000-krone banknote will not be updated, since, like all older banknote series, it will not be valid as a means of payment after 31 May 2025.

The security-upgraded versions of the banknotes are very similar to the previous versions, which will continue to be valid. However, there are differences that you can look for. Some security features such as holograms, watermarks and microtexts are the same as on the old notes, but new features will also be added.

Below you can see examples of the security features.

New security features

Security features that are unchanged from the previous versions