The future of Danish cash

Cash is needed in Denmark – and it will also be needed in the future. Denmark will have new banknotes, probably from 2028-2029, and the 1000-krone banknote from the current series and a number of older banknotes will no longer be legal tender after 31 May 2025.

New banknotes

Denmark will get new banknotes in 2028-2029. From 13 May 2024 and three weeks ahead, all citizens had the opportunity to voice their opinion on the themes by taking part in a survey. We received over 75,000 responses, which we are now processing. In September, we will publish the final themes for the motifs of the new banknotes.

Which banknotes will no longer be legal tender?

See which specific banknotes will no longer be legal tender after 31 May 2025 so you can check if you have any in your possession. Or see the banknotes that will remain legal tender.

What should I do?

There are differences in how the different banknotes can be used in, for example shops and ATMs. Find out what to do if you are holding any of the banknotes that are being withdrawn from circulation.

What, when and why?

The future of Danish cash

About cash and payment habits in Denmark

One of Danmarks Nationalbank’s most important tasks is to contribute to secure and efficient payments in Denmark.