What we do

​​​Danmarks Nationalbank is the central bank of Denmark. Our three main objectives are to ensure stable prices, safe and efficient payments and a stable financial system. Through these three areas of activity, we contribute to ensuring a robust Danish economy.

Danmarks Nationalbank’s role and tasks

Stable prices

The main objective of monetary policy is to ensure price stability. In Denmark, we do this through the fixed exchange rate policy, where the value of the krone is kept stable against the euro. By virtue of the fixed exchange rate policy, where interest rates are used to control the value of the krone, it is important that the other economic policies are aimed at ensuring a stable economy. Therefore, Danmarks Nationalbank makes, for example, fiscal policy recommendations.

A stable financial system

Ensuring that the financial sector is stable enough to weather crises is essential for the Danish economy. One of Danmarks Nationalbank’s most important tasks is to contribute to the stability of the financial system.

Safe payments

Danmarks Nationalbank contributes to secure and efficient payments in Denmark. We do this through a number of activities, including by operating the payment system Kronos2, overseeing the most important payment and settlement systems and chairing the Danish Payments Council.

Danmarks Nationalbank Act

Both Danmarks Nationalbank’s objectives and independence of the political system follow from the Danmarks Nationalbank Act of 1936.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by email at kommunikation@nationalbanken.dk.