Banknote security features

Advanced security features of Danish banknotes make them difficult to counterfeit. And they can help you distinguish genuine banknotes from counterfeits. Over the next few years, Danmarks Nationalbank will be further upgrading banknote security features.

Advanced security features of banknotes make them difficult to counterfeit. Still, some counterfeit banknotes may be well executed and difficult to detect. If you are not sure whether you have received a counterfeit banknote, try comparing it with a genuine banknote and pay special attention to the features that are most difficult to imitate.

Danmarks Nationalbank has a monopoly on producing banknotes and coins in the Kingdom of Denmark. Technological advances enable counterfeiters to use ever better tools for copying banknotes.

One of Danmarks Nationalbank’s objectives is to promote safe payments. High-quality security and design are key to upholding trust in Danish banknotes and coins. Therefore, Danmarks Nationalbank regularly assesses the quality of the security features.

The latest version of the 500-krone banknote

In 2020, an updated version of the 500-krone banknote was introduced. Over the next few years, other denominations of Danish banknotes will also be issued with the new security features.

The new banknotes will look a lot like their predecessors, which will still be valid. But there are differences to look out for to see whether you are holding one of the new banknotes. Some security features such as the hologram, watermark and microtext are the same as on the old banknotes, but new features have also been added. You can see the new features on this page.

The current banknotes will still be valid, so you do not have to exchange them for new ones. 

Why issue new banknotes?

In recent years, Danes’ use of banknotes and coins has decreased considerably as digital payments have gained more and more ground. The sharp drop in the use of cash has led Danmarks Nationalbank to change the way cash is produced and outsource production.

In 2018, it was decided to outsource production to France. The current banknotes are also highly secure, but as Danmarks Nationalbank is responsible for providing secure Danish banknotes and coins, we have decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the security of the banknotes to make them even harder to counterfeit. 

New security features

Security features that are unchanged from the previous banknote series