Stable prices, monetary policy and the Danish economy

The main monetary policy objective is to ensure price stability. In Denmark, we do this through the fixed exchange rate policy, where the value of the Danish krone is kept stable against the euro. As a result of the fixed exchange rate policy, where interest rates are used to control the krone exchange rate, it is important that the other economic policies are aimed at ensuring a stable economy. Therefore, Danmarks Nationalbank makes, for example, fiscal policy recommendations.

Interest and exchange rates and other market information

Official interest rates
Exchange rates
Kroner per 100 euro
Effective krone rate
Effective krone rate index (1980=100)

Monetary policy in practice

Danmarks Nationalbank conducts monetary policy in close daily collaboration with players in the financial sector – the so-called monetary policy counterparties. Here we have gathered some information that our partners often need.

Latest update and projection for the Danish economy

Danmarks Nationalbank regularly analyses economic and financial trends. The publication ‘Outlook for the Danish economy’ contains, among other things, Danmarks Nationalbank’s projection for the Danish economy and recommendations for fiscal and structural policies. The analysis ‘Monetary and financial trends’ provides an overview of monetary policy and developments in the financial markets.

Selected figures from the latest projection

Inflation is expected to rise again in the coming year
Significant growth slowdown over the past two years, when excluding production abroad under Danish ownership
The increase in employment is partially met by an increase in structural employment


Danmarks Nationalbank's research work contributes to the analyses that form the basis for Danmarks Nationalbank's recommendations and decisions. The research unit follows the present and future methods and economic knowledge.

International cooperation

Danmarks Nationalbank participates in international cooperation through a number of international forums. Here Danmarks Nationalbank looks after Danmarks Nationalbank’s and Denmark’s interests often in cooperation with relevant authorities.


Here you will find upcoming events in Danmarks Nationalbank and planned publications, speeches, monthly balance sheets and presentations.

Current topics

Conference marking Denmark's 40 years fixed exchange rate regime

On 31 October 2022, Danmarks Nationalbank hosted a conference marking Denmarks 40 year fixed exchange rate regime.