Nationalbanken arrangerer konferencer og workshops om emner relateret til sine vigtigste arbejdsområder og afholder både politik- og forskningsorienterede arrangementer. Her finder du lister over tidligere arrangementer og kalendere, der viser kommende arrangementer. Arrangementerne er normalt kun for inviterede.


Nationalbankens økonomer og gæstetalere præsenterer deres forskning på planlagte seminarer i løbet af året. Du kan se kommende seminarer herunder.

Kommende seminarer

Tidligere seminarer

  • 21 June 2023: Daniel Paravisini (London School of Economics): "One Size Doesn´t Fit All: Heterogeneous Depositor Compensation During Periods of Uncertainty"
  • 30 May 2023: Paolo Sodini (Stockholm University): "TBA"
  • 26 May 2023: John Campbell (Harvard University): "Mortgage Choice and Monetary Policy"
  • 16 May 2023: Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi (Bank of England): "The transmission of Keynesian supply shocks"
  • 9 May 2023: Andrew Goodman-Bacon (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis): "Difference-in-Differences with a Continuous Treatment"
  • 2 May 2023: Karin Kinnerud (BI Norwegian Business School): "Down-payment requirements: Implications for portfolio choice and consumption"
  • 18 April 2023: Basile Grassi (Bocconi University): "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Markup Estimation"
  • 11 April 2023: Andreas Fagereng (BI Norwegian Business School): "Assortative Mating and Wealth Inequality"
  • 21 March 2023: Ralph Luetticke (UCL): "Foreign Portfolios and Domestic Business Cycles with Heterogeneous Agents"
  • 14 March 2023: Roine Vestman (Stockholm University): "The Housing Wealth Effect: Quasi-Experimental Evidence"
  • 22 November 2022: Erik Öberg (Uppsala University): ”The Unemployment-Risk Channel in Business-Cycle Fluctuations”
  • 15 November 2022: Carlos Carrillo-Tudela (University of Essex): ”Matching Through Search Channels”
  • 8 November 2022: Nicola Limodio (Bocconi University): ”The Financial Transmission of a Climatic Shock: El Nino and US Banks”
  • 4 October 2022: Laura Pilossoph (Duke University): ”Job Search, Wages, and Inflation”
  • 22 September 2022: Sebastian Doerr (BIS): ”Income Inequality and Job Creation”
  • 13 September 2022: John Vincent Kramer (University of Copenhagen): ”The Cyclicality of Earnings Growth along the Distribution – Causes and Consequences”
  • 14 June 2022: Niklas Engbom (New York University): ”Labor Market Fluidity and Human Capital Accumulation”
  • 7 June 2022: Vasso Ioannidou (Bayes Business School, formerly Cass): ”Corporate Pension Risk-Taking in a Low Interest Rate Environment”


Kommende konferencer

  • 12-13 October 2023: Macroeconomic Risks, Uncertainty and Sustainability. Conference hosted by Danmarks Nationalbank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Norges Bank in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Tidligere konferencer

  • 26-27 September 2022: The Return of Inflation. Conference hosted by Danmarks Nationalbank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Norges Bank in Oslo, Norway

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  • 20 May 2022: Empirical Banking Workshop, Danmarks Nationalbank

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  • 13-14 December 2021: Stabilization policies: Lessons from the COVID-19 crisis and prospects for future policy strategies. Online conference hosted by Danmarks Nationalbank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Norges Bank

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