​Danmarks Nationalbank supports two professorships within economics as part of its bicentenary celebrations in 2018.

Each donation comprises annual grants of kr. 1 million for five years, to be used for remuneration of the full-time professor and to cover costs for office facilities, travel etc. in connection with the professorship. The professorships may be extended for three years.

Following an open process, the universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen were chosen as the recipients of the donations.

Emiliano Santoro and Mark Weder
In February 2018 The University of Copenhagen decided to grant the professorship to Emiliano Santoro, while Aarhus University in December 2018 decided to grant the professorship to Mark Weder.
"We are pleased that the professorships at the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus are now filled.  We hope that it will contribute to the strengthening of economic research in Denmark, which is an important precondition for being able to analyse and understand the society we live in, and to contribute to solving economic issues. Also, it enhances Danmarks Nationalbank's possibilities of recruiting highly qualified employees with a background in economics," says Governor Lars Rohde.
The plan is that the newly appointed professors will be attached to Danmarks Nationalbank, e.g. by acting as supervisors for our PhD fellows and by participating in partnering projects together with our Research unit.