Abstract icon Danish banknotes include security features that make them difficult to counterfeit or copy. These security features are clearly visible and can help you to see whether a banknote is genuine. There are relatively few cases of counterfeiting in Denmark.
Counterfeiting of Danish banknotes remained very
limited. The number of registered counterfeit banknotes rose from 795 in 2021 to 1,452 in 2022.
Of these, 985 were found in circulation.

The counterfeit banknotes registered were mainly
1000-krone banknotes. Registered counterfeit banknotes account for approximately eight banknotes per million in circulation, based on a total number of banknotes in circulation of 190.7 million. This is a very limited number in an international context.

The maximum sentence for counterfeiting is 12 years' imprisonment, which is one of the most severe penalties under the Danish Penal Code.
Advanced security features make the banknotes difficult to counterfeit. These features include the window thread with a moving wave pattern, the hologram that reflects light in different colours, the watermark and the hidden security thread that becomes visible when the banknote is held up to the light. From 2020, the security of the banknotes will be upgraded again. Read more here.
 Window thread        Hologram                 Watermark               Hidden thread
Large numbers of counterfeit coins are rarely seen. As with banknotes, the number of counterfeit coins seen is very low by international standards.

The maximum sentence for counterfeiting
Counterfeiting and attempted counterfeiting are criminal offences under sections 166-168 of the Danish Penal Code. The maximum sentence for counterfeiting is 12 years' imprisonment, which is one of the most severe penalties under the Penal Code. Typically, anyone convicted of manufacturing and distributing counterfeits or being an accessory to counterfeiting will receive an unsuspended prison sentence. In recent years, the longest sentences have been up to approximately 2 years in prison, and even production and distribution of just a few counterfeit banknotes had resulted in unsuspended prison sentences. For accomplices, or where mitigating circumstances have applied, the sentence has been a fine or a suspended term in prison, or dismissal of all charges. The sentence depends on the specific circumstances of the case.
The provisions of the Penal Code also apply to counterfeiting of foreign banknotes and coins.​

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