Market operations

Market operations on 18 May 2021

Sale of certificates of deposit

SeriesMaturingPriceRate (p.a.)

Purchase of certificates of deposit

SeriesMaturingPriceRate (p.a.)Buy-back premium (p.a.)

Collateralised loans, short-term

SeriesMaturingRate (p.a.)

Ekstraordinære udlån mod pant, 3 måneder

SeriesMaturingRate (p.a.)

Published: 18-05-2021


On the last banking day of each week, Danmarks Nationalbank conducts open market operations, in which the counterparties may raise monetary-policy loans against collateral and make deposits by purchasing certificates of deposit issued by Danmarks Nationalbank. Normally, loans and deposits have a maturity of seven days. The loans and deposits accrue interest at the lending rate and the certificates of deposit rate, respectively.