Terms And Conditions for Account holders

Banks, mortgage credit institutions and other participants can establish an account with Danmarks Nationalbank. One of the preconditions for participating in Danmarks Nationalbank’s real-time gross settlement system, Kronos2, is holding a current account with Danmarks Nationalbank. On this page, account holders can find a detailed description of the rules applying for current account holders, read about ways of providing collateral for credit facilities and download relevant forms.

Account holder at Danmarks Nationalbank

To become an account holder at Danmarks nationalbank, it is essential to be acquainted with the Terms and Conditions for Account Holders. If you are considering opening an account at the bank, we recommend contacting kronosgroup@nationalbanken.dk to discuss terms and conditions in detail.

As a consequence of the migration to TARGET DKK, the frozen zone for Kronos2 has been activated starting from January 1, 2024. This implies that is it currently not possible to open an account in Danmarks Nationalbank. TARGET DKK refers to the collective term for TARGET Service in Danish kroner and Danmarks Nationalbank's system for managing monetary policies and the participants' collateral. The frozen zone applies both to account creation in Kronos2 and T2/T2S EUR until go-live TARGET DKK in the spring of 2025.


The Terms and Conditions for Account Holders in Danmarks Nationalbank

The detailed terms governing the provision of collateral for credit facilities are described in ‘Danmarks Nationalbank’s terms and conditions for accounts’.

Download the latest version of the Terms and Conditions for Account Holders

'Terms and Conditions for Accounts'


Forms from Terms and Conditions for Account Holders

An overview of relevant forms for account holders at Danmarks Nationalbank can be found below. The forms are also included in ‘the Terms and Conditions for Account Holders’, but can be downloaded individually here (pdf):

User administration

Danmarks Nationalbank has decided to centralise user administration in Kronos2, which means that Danmarks Nationalbank will assume responsibility for all user administration in the system. Below, participants in Kronos2 can find links to documents related to user administration.


For enquiries related to Kronos2 or the Terms and Conditions for Account Holders at Danmarks Nationalbank, please direct your questions to: