Net position at 4.45 pm

The net position of the banks and mortgage-credit institutions vis-a-vis Danmarks Nationalbank at market close on 2 June 2023

bn. DKK
Current-account deposits237.5

Certificates of deposits0.0

Weekly loans against collateral0.0

Net position237.5

Published: 02-06-2023


The net position covers the monetary-policy counterparties' total net deposits with Danmarks Nationalbank for monetary-policy purposes. It is defined as in the example below.

The net position is calculated daily at 4:45 pm and announced the next banking day at 8:00 am.

Beginning May 1st 2023, the net position will be published at 17:00 CET on the given banking day as opposed to 08:00 the following banking day.

The net position is mainly influenced by government payments, Danmarks Nationalbank's foreign-exchange transactions and changes in the circulation of banknotes and coins.

Example of the banks' net position

Net position​bn. DKK
​Current-account deposits (asset)
​Certificates of deposits
​Weekly loans (liability)
Net position (assets - liabilities)+100.4