Monetary-policy instruments

Abstract icon Danmarks Nationalbank conducts monetary policy by setting the monetary-policy interest rates. In practice, this is done via the lending and deposit facilities made available by Danmarks Nationalbank to banks and mortgage banks – the monetary-policy counterparties. The most important facilities are the current accounts and the weekly open market operations.

The monetary-policy counterparties have access to monetary-policy instruments, i.e. they can place liquidity at Danmarks Nationalbank in the form of demand deposits (current-account deposits) and they can raise loans and make deposits with longer maturities via Danmarks Nationalbank's open market operations. All monetary-policy loans are secured, which means that the counterparty must pledge collateral. When obtaining loans from Danmarks Nationalbank the monetary counterparties can pledge colleteral by way of securities - primarily government and mortgage bonds. Read more about the collateral basis. Access to and use of accounts at Danmarks Nationalbank are determined in Danmarks Nationalbank's terms and conditions for accounts.

Current-account deposits

Each monetary-policy counterparty holds a current account at Danmarks Nationalbank. Deposits in these accounts may, without notice and at the initiative of the counterparty be used for payments, e.g. for transfers between counterparties. The current accounts also function as settlement accounts for Danmarks Nationalbank's lending to and deposits from counterparties and for large payments to and from the central government. Current accounts accrue interest at the current-account rate.
The current-account limits, that is used to limit the overall current-account deposits, has been suspended from 19 March 2021, c.f. announcement. By removing the current-account limit, the banks now have the option to deposit all holdings on their current account.

Weekly open market operations

On the last banking day of each week, Danmarks Nationalbank conducts open market operations, in which the counterparties may raise monetary-policy loans against collateral and make deposits by purchasing certificates of deposit issued by Danmarks Nationalbank. Normally, loans and deposits have a maturity of seven days. The loans and deposits accrue interest at the lending rate and the certificates of deposit rate, respectively. Danmarks Nationalbank uses an "open window" in its open market operations. This means that Danmarks Nationalbank fixes the rates of interest, after which the counterparties are free to determine the volume of monetary-policy loans and deposits.

Liquidity-adjusting operations

In order to support the fixed-exchange-rate policy Danmarks Nationalbank can conduct liquidity-adjusting operations in the money market when and to the extent needed. The operations can be conducted either as deposits at Danmarks Nationalbank, lending against pledging of assets included in Danmarks Nationalbank's collateral basis, or as FX swaps, in which the collateral is foreign exchange. Danmarks Nationalbank allocates or absorbs the krone liquidity by auction or conducts bilateral transactions. The operations can be conducted with all monetary-policy counterparties or with a smaller group of counterparties. Further modalities of any such operations, including maturity and procedure, will be announced.


Interest rates (p.a.)

Current-account rate 2.85 per cent
Certificates of deposit rate 2.85 per cent
Lending rate 3.00 per cent
Discount rate 2.85 per cent

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